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Every Customer Journey Interaction In Today’s Market Is Critical… 32 Trailblazers Are Sharing Brand New, Cutting-Edge Insights Into How They Are Fighting Back With Practical Digital, Automation & Personalisation Innovations To

Power Gold-Standard, Insight-Led Customer Experience Strategies With Lasting Impact On Engagement & Proven Commercial Results


08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Avon International CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co



09.10 Avoid Over-Promising & Underdelivering! Debate & Discuss The Ever-Changing Expectations, Needs & Demands Of Consumers Today In Order To Keep Pace & Deliver Powerful, Meaningful & Lucrative Customer Experiences Every Time

  • Are your customer experiences wowing customers? Expertly manage and meet the growing demands of your consumers in order to say goodbye to mediocrity and hello to excellence
  • Step 1: knowing your customer, step 2: understand what’s important to them, step 3: serving customers in a way they want and expect for ultimate conversions… it sounds simple enough, but how can you ensure you are breaking down each customer journey in order to hit the sweet spot?
  • Examine best-practice customer strategies which are inclusive and accessible to all in order to ensure maximum reach and impact

Saleta Valdés Márquez, Head of Innovation & Customer Experience, Savoy Signature

Susan Connolly, Sales & Marketing Director, Connolly Spar

Philippa Cresswell, Executive Director on Board Customer Experience, Avanti West Coast

Mary Burnett, Head of Customer & Analytics UK, Bank of Ireland

Bethan Lynch, Head of Product, Customer Commerce at B&Q, Kingfisher B&Q

Joe Jones, Head of Customer Care, OVO Energy

Ben Wollard, Head of Banking Operations, Post Office Ltd

Louise Allemagne, Senior Insight & Outreach Manager, Lending Standards Board

Souleymane Camara, Principal & Head of UX Research / Innovation & Engineering / Design & Change, Management, BP

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


09.40 Unlock Brand New & Inspiring Digital Opportunities To Deliver Rich, Tailored & Immersive Customer Experiences Which Compliment Your Brand & Skyrocket Engagement

  • What are the next digital innovations set to disrupt and revolutionise CX?
  • Examine and pinpoint exactly what customers expect from digital and online experiences today in order to establish strategies which hit the mark and expectations

Nick King, Market Research Director, Auto Trader


10.00 Supercharge Best-In-Class CX By Cutting Out The Complexities Customers Face To Deliver Insight-Driven Improvements & Guarantee Smoother Journeys

  • Regain control of excellent customer experiences by deep diving into your target consumers’ journeys in order to drive real improvements which inform future journey mapping strategies
  • Apps, websites, in-store… with different consumers engaged across different spaces, how can you seamlessly connect the customer experience across touch points to ensure a consistent omnichannel strategy which delivers a single customer view?
  • What’s really driving your target customers’ purchasing behaviours today? Deliver winning experiences centred around what a customer feels you’re giving them, not what you think you’re giving them for gold-standard customer experiences every time

Quarina Sultana, Head of Digital Engagement, RNIB

10.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For The Foundation

John Sills, Managing Partner, The Foundation



11.25 A Help, Not A Hindrance: Examine The Impact & New Opportunities AI Can Provide With Proven Results To Level Up The Quality & Speed Of Your Services & Power The Experience Of Your Customers

  • Utilise AI to create a capacity for staff to deal with relational services for enhanced efficiencies and personalisation tactics which supercharges customer retention
  • A bionic sounding board: supplement your NPS scoring with predictive AI models that build customer profiles which understand what campaigns will secure greater reach to drive improvements
  • Digital is always the enabler: shift the focus from AI systems onto the clarity of what experiences you want to deliver and how best AI can facilitate and enhance these?
  • How can you successfully implement AI into your business so that it becomes safe to use with powerful impact?

Ali Saker, Senior Digital Customer Journey Manager, B&Q

Emma Robertson, CEO, Transform UK


11.45 Maximise Practical New Tech, AI & Automation To Power Streamlined, World-Class CX That Cuts Through The Noise & Delivers Exceptional Results

  • Humanising digital to deliver more meaningful CX is the continued challenge, so how can you determine the right balance between human and digital contact in your customer touch points to continue fostering a harmonious relationship with your target customers?
  • Leverage new technologies and digital tools to elevate customer experiences by identifying patterns in customer behaviours to power real-time and predictive analytics
  • How can you build and maintain customer trust in your AI and utilise it to add social value that both strengthens and secures customer acquisition and retention?

Laura Morris, Head of Digital Technology, RNIB



12.05 Skyrocket Engagement, Enrich Experiences & Drive Powerful Customer-Centric Strategies To Stand Out In The Market By Leveraging VOC To Deliver Impactful End-To-End Journeys 

  • The next level of CX? Winning customer engagement! Revamp your customer engagement strategies by deciphering where you should focus efforts, investment and strategies in order to secure winning and long-lasting results
  • Listen to the demands of your customers by maximising the VOC and translating critical insights to inform and influence future strategies for ultimate experiences
  • From acquisition to post-purchase, ensure your engagement strategies are targeting customers at all touchpoints in order to secure long-term loyalty and impact

12.05    Perspective 1

Lisa Fraser, Executive Director User Experience Research, JP Morgan Chase

12.25    Perspective 2

Nigel Smith, Head of Lifecycle & Engagement Marketing | Commercial & Institutional, NatWest Group

12.45    Bonus Session; Reserved For NICE

Richard Bassett, VP of Digital & Analytics, NICE

13.00  Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30    Informal Breakout Discussions

              a) Impact of Generative AI On Customer Service & Experience – Facilitated By:

Sachin Agrawal, Senior Programmer: Alexa TTS Products, Amazon

              b) Channel Mixes – unfacilitated

              c) Rewards & Incentives – unfacilitated

14.00    Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Avon International CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co

14.10    Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner



14.25 The Power Of Personalisation! Drive Insight-Driven & Customer-Centric Personalisation Strategies To Secure Sky-High Engagement, Next-Level Loyalty & Improved Retention Rates

  • From basic to creepy… how can you balance the dichotomy of customers wanting increasingly tailored and personalised experiences without scaring them away?
  • It all starts from your data! Activate personalisation success by leveraging data insights for truly tailored personalised experiences every time
  • Cut through competition with personalisation strategies which build deeper relationships with your target customers and power acquisition, loyalty and retention rates

Elena Boisseuil, Customer Journey Director, Nissan Motor Corporation

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, Lending Standards Board

Dastan Shukanayev, Senior Payments Technology & Strategy, Marks & Spencer


14.55 Expertly Harness Your Customer Data For Lucrative Results & Business Improvements By Actioning Insights To Inform Future Strategies & Journey Updates

  • We all have the data, it’s what we do with it that makes the commercial difference! Translate insights and drive real-world improvements in order to showcase the tangible impact from your measurement efforts
  • How can you best identify the purpose of meaningful data and analytics to truly understand your customer journeys and drive customer retention improvements?
  • How are brands utilising data to analyse customer sentiment and customer intent, identifying dropouts in journeys and plugging them for continuously improved bottom-line results?

Andy Cook, Head Customer & Colleague Experience, AXA Health


15.15 Maximise Measurement Tools & Metrics To Communicate The Commercial Value Of CX & Prove The Strategic Impact By Demonstrably Improving ROI

  • Discover tried-and-tested measurement and metrics tools which effectively capture your customers’ needs and desires to maximise experiences
  • Swap vanity metrics for meaningful KPIs which prove the tangible value of your CX efforts for long-term stability
  • How are you defining real value, and what do you want to achieve to level up your CX strategies in 2024?

Dr. Christian Velten, Strategic Lead Digital CX, Roche

15.35    Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50    Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking





  • Happy employees = happy customers! Do your teams know they are your greatest assets? Ensure your employees feel valued, listened to, and supported in order to continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • Explore the benefits of moving transactional activities online to free up capacity in your customer service centres to do more at the first point of contact and add true value to your customers
  • Drive continued commercial success by ingraining a customer-first mindset amongst your employees and positioning a customer-centric culture at the heart of your organisation

16.20    Perspective 1

Kevin Morley, Deputy Director, Customer Service, Crown Commercial Service

16.40    Perspective 2

Rhea Fox, Director of Digital, Ted Baker


17.00 Case Study With Newcastle Building Society

Lynne Pitwood, Head of Customer Experience, Newcastle Building Society

Scott Graham, Customer Insight Manager, Newcastle Building Society



17.20 Fuel Boosted Acquisition, Insight-Led Loyalty & Next-Level Retention To Outshine Competition, Stay Relevant & Power Gold-Standard Customer Experiences

  • Debate and discuss the age-old question… do you place your emphasise on acquisition, loyalty or retention as a method of retaining customers to accelerate and deliver exceptional customer loyalty?
  • Nothing kills loyalty like bad customer service! Put yourself in the shoes of your customers to identify the benefits you are providing and benchmark your practices to drive returning customers
  • Determine how your customers want to be communicated with and via which channels for adapted customer relationships and maximised retention rates


Clive Head, Customer Engagement Squad Lead, Santander

Dr. Christian Velten, Strategic Lead Digital CX, Roche

17.50    Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Gianfranco Cuzziol, Avon International CRM & Personalisation Lead, Natura & Co